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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swedish antiques

I'm Swedish. I love Swedish antiques. I especially love Swedish antique furniture that hasn't been repainted. The top photo was taken at Round Top and shows antique pieces that have been repainted. At first I thought they were new but upon closer inspection I realized they were old. ALL were painted the same color...sigh. The two photos below show Swedish antique furniture in the original paint. I saw these pieces in an antique shop in Antwerp, Belgium. What makes the antique pieces so intriguing and beautiful is that they are all truly one-of-a-kind, including the finish. Repainting not only lowers their appeal but the value, as well. I'm a purist but most antiquers will agree...don't mess with the original paint!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Round Top

Seeing some wonderful antiques in Round Top and having a ton of fun. Boy is it hot! Love the rustic, bleached French furniture, zinc pieces (windmill blades!) as art and speaking of art - the paintings are superb. The inspiration has been fabulous and I'm looking forward to getting back to the shop and implementing what I've seen.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Round Top, Texas

Bob and I are in Round Top for our first ever trip to this tiny Texas town. We came here thinking we might like to bring our stuff here to sell at some point in the future. NOT! It took us 14 hours to get here from Kansas! But now that we're here we're having a blast walking up and down the highway searching for treasures. I must admit it's much more interesting for us to go antique shopping in Europe (more from which to choose and better prices). But we're making the most of the long trip and enjoying seeing some beautiful things. The young lad in this photo is Hans from Holland, a good friend and colleague of ours who we've know since he was a little tike. He has a huge stand full of architectural antiques, wine bottles and continental antiquities.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

White x White & White Haute

I've had requests to show how to incorporate my home decor lines, White Haute and White x White, into other decorating schemes. Just remember "white is always right". The Belgian style of decorating is all about neutrals, organic materials, zinc metals and white ceramics. These are things that mix with literally everything. Rustic yet refined...bare woods & willow...the most beautiful things aren't always the finest, etc. The look I love!